The Top Forms of Marketing

Online marketing is a very broad topic and industry. There are many different methods, tactics, consultants, and gurus out there. Among them include email marketing, sales funnels, AdWords, LinkedIn Prospecting, Yelp/YP, Manta, Facebook, Instagram, SEO, and so on. In almost all cases, they require a lot of active engagement with an audience. But one form of online marketing that is commonly overlooked, but very competitive, is SEO.

SEO is difficult for businesses for two reasons: Reliability of the consultant performing the work, and difficulty of the keywords.


Choosing the correct consultant is imperative to have proper SEO done for your website. As this Austin SEO¬†points out, improper SEO tactics can lead to detrimental returns for a website. You may actually penalize your site if you try to run tactics yourself or have a consultant that isn’t using proven tactics to do it. It’s important to find a company that has reputable sources and reviews and can show you some case studies on the work they’ve done.


SEO is an investment. It’s not something you can expect to happen in days or weeks and it’s certainly not something you can expect to get with a 50 or 200 bucks a month. SEO is expensive because of the level of expertise required to get you to that coveted top-tier rank. Everyone getting that GoDaddy SEO, for example, can’t get to the top rank for their industry. Someone has to be at the top, which means someone is benefiting more than others. It simply doesn’t make sense from a mass consumer perspective. SEO costs anywhere from $1000 – $5000 and upwards depending on the difficulty and competition involved. It also can take anywhere from 3-18 months depending on the same factors. You’re going to rank a lot more quickly for “real estate round rock tx” than you are for “austin real estate”, for example.

Hopefully this helps with a couple points on why SEO is so important and why it’s so difficulty and pricey. The company we mentioned also has some information that you can find on their social profiles and associated website.