Benefits From Our Tallahassee Internet Marketing & SEO Agency Branch


The only person that can tell you if SEO is important for your endeavor is you. What we can do is show you a list of SEO benefits, and it’s up to you to decide if SEO is worth having.


* Staying Competitive – being on the top page of a search engine rankings is a huge advantage. In fact, according to a study done by, roughly 60% of total users only click on the top 3 results. The first spot even gets 33% of the user clicks.


* Gaining More Audience – SEO is not just gaining higher search engine rankings just for the heck of it. Higher search engine rankings mean more visitors, and that means increasing your base audience.


* Increasing Sales – if your website is in the business of making sales, then you’d be pleased to know that SEO can increase your bottom line. As the audience increases, a portion of those new visitors will turn into buyers. Of course, if you can further increase the conversation rate by doing a couple of tweaking with your website and offers.


* Increases Authority – another inherent benefit of being top of the search engines is gaining instant authority. Authority is very important these days as most people know that anyone can just put any website on the Internet. Hence, people are now very picky on who they trust, and humans are psychologically wired to give higher levels of trust to an entity with a high perceived authority. When it comes to search engines, most users trust the search engine to pick out the good websites. You can say that in the user’s mind, there’s a voice that goes something like “if the search engines trust this a good and reputable site, then that’s enough for me.” Of course, this still depends on the kind of industry or topic the user is searching. But in most cases, this scenario is true.


* Cost Efficient – another big benefit of SEO is that it’s very cost efficient. While some of the online entrepreneurs tend to cringe when they see the bill of a professional SEO company, but when compared to other marketing media, SEO is relatively cheap. As an example, SEO might cost anywhere from $1000 – $5000 a month. When you compare that to the average billboard costs, which is $10,000 – $20,000 per month, it’s easy to think that SEO is relatively cheap. On top of that, only a fraction of the people who see your billboard is interested in your offer. When it comes to SEO, the users are already searching for a specific topic that you are trying to rank. Hence, SEO is even cheaper as the prospects are a lot more targeted.


Ultimately, it’s up to you if SEO is worth doing. However, if you are interested in increasing more sales and you are willing to spend a budget on marketing, then SEO is a good idea. The Sherlocked Marketing Agency is the company that we use. They are located and specialize in Tallahassee SEO. Your website is going to be exposed to users that are already searching a topic that’s related to your website. Just remember, if you are not on the first page of a search engine and your competitor is, who do you think a consumer will call or visit after using a search engine and searching for an offer that you and your competitor is providing?