6 Considerations When Choosing An SEO Agency

The digital world is constantly changing. Long gone are those days that marketing could only be done via physical world media like TV, billboards, radio, etc. Presently, businesses of all sizes are now pushing hard to market their products and brands in the digital space through a wide variety of tools including content marketing, SEM, PPC, email marketing, and so on.

Although you can use any of those methods listed above, it’s crucial that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is at the top of your list. You probably already know the power of SEO marketing, and the great results it can produce, especially when it comes to building a continuous stream of customers from the search engines.

Of course, the SEO space is quite competitive, and it does make sense to do some research before choosing an SEO agency responsible for your website’s optimization tasks. But why should you choose to work with a professional SEO firm? Well, a lot of information about SEO is abundant online, but if you want to generate good results that will take your business further, then a professional agency is the right option.

What to Look Out for When Choosing an SEO Agency

1. The Tools in Use
There are three main parts in SEO: off page optimization, on-page optimization, and technical SEO. Achieving effective results in any of these requires the use of some specific instruments and tools by an SEO professional. As such, if you find out that the agency performs SEO manually, then keep off because it’ll be difficult for the firm to produce credible results, and you can’t hold it accountable for the results.

On the other hand, if the agency utilizes high-end, up to date search marketing tools to do a competitor analysis or conduct an SEO audit, you can rightfully bet on it. This way, you can be sure that they collect and analyze the relevant data before they start working on your website. The result is improved traffic, more clients, and more revenue.

2. Number of Clients Served
In general, the good, reputable agencies should never run out of clients. More so, they should have a long track record of producing significant results for their former clients. A good way to evaluate this is be searching for client reviews to find out if the agency you want to hire has cemented its name in the niche. Also, you can ask for recommendations from family, colleagues, and friends. Search marketing agencies that do not have anything to hide will be happy to give you any information you require.

3. SEO Certifications
Be sure to check if the firm has employed professionals that are qualified to deliver the most value to their clients. In general, a good SEO agency should hire at least a few Bing- or Google-certified search optimization experts. In many cases, these experts should hold a GA certification. Don’t forget also to check out whether the agency is a Google partner. Only the most reputable and professional companies that do digital marketing can be awarded the partner badge.

4. Supporting Services
Will the agency be offering you SEO as a standalone service or will you receive supporting services to make the SEO more effective? Services such as Social Media Management, Web Design, Paid Search, and YouTube Management can be vital for driving more traffic to your website, and to keep your clients more engaged and interested once they land.

5. Content Creation
What kind of content will the agency be creating for you? Content is the backbone when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Some SEO companies don’t want to invest their money or time to help their clients develop proper content. Meanwhile, great SEO agencies like to heed the advice of the internet, and are more than ready to update your content, and get new content rolling on your site.

Remember to ask if the agency includes content strategy in its SEO services. Typically, you should get one blog a month, and they should encourage you to write your own articles. If content strategy never comes up, or if they fail to answer you, then you should head for the exit.

6. Length of Contract
In most cases, this won’t be mentioned initially, because the company will want to get you on the ropes before signing you up to their monthly retainer system. It’s therefore important to establish whether the agency will keep your business hostage for a year or more and if they give you some freedom to leave the deal in case the relationship isn’t working out for you.

However, keep in mind that SEO isn’t a quick magic trick. It will take weeks and months before it starts paying off. For this reason, you need to commit for a few months, even if you choose the per month option.

Overall, transparency is crucial when choosing the right SEO company. SEO agencies should work as partners to your business, which means they should have as much interest as you in helping you get more traffic, leads, and in turn more sales.